Music Royale Rock School 🤘

January 20, 2024

Rock School Students on Stage

Music Royale Rock School provides students with an opportunity to play in a rock band with other students on their level. Since 2003, 5 times a year, Rock School has helped thousands of students get their first gig. Our rock bands perform on a real stage for real audiences. These performances are recorded and available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

Rock School Teachers

Our Rock School teachers are also on our staff of award-winning private teachers and are part of many local music groups themselves. They bring their real life experience and expertise to rehearsal.

Jesse McNamara – Guitar, Bass, Ukulele music lessons instructor at Music Royale

Jesse brings over 30 years of experience as a professional musician to the Rock School class. Performing steadily since the early ’90s, he has played hundreds of live gigs and worked as a studio musician and composer. Jesse has composed and performed music for independent movies, t.v. and radio commercials, and the hit video game Tower Of Power. Jesse firmly believes that above all, playing music should be fun.

Ryan Craycroft â€“ Guitar music lessons instructor at Music Royale 

Ryan has been playing guitar for over 25 years and has a Bachelor of Music from The Ohio State University in jazz guitar performance. He has been teaching at Music Royale since 2011. He is currently an adjunct faculty member at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, where he is the instructor of guitar. He has been the lead guitarist for the contemporary service at Trinity United Methodist Church since 2016. You can hear Ryan playing live at local venues around Columbus with his jazz trio and a variety of other groups. 

Listen to hear some of Ryan’s original music

Music Royale Rock School Performances

Teachers provide guidance and support for the students, but what makes Music Royale Rock School unique is the freedom students are given to pick their band name and the music they’ll be performing. Students carefully pick Rock School music with the guidance of their teacher to match the skill level of the whole group.

With the opportunity to play on local stages, students perform to more than just friends and family. Real stage experience prepares students for the rest of their musical career. Meet 2 students who have grown up in Rock School: Evan and Alex.

Check out our registration page when it’s open to see the schedule for the next performance. If the registration page is closed, check out our Facebook page and support these talented students in their next performance.