Guitar/Bass Lessons


Music Royale offers guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin and banjo lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced musicians. We provide private, one on one classes for most styles of music including rock, blues, jazz, classical, bluegrass and country. Whether you are an adult, a child, a complete beginner, a serious musician or someone just looking to develop a fun hobby, we can help you. At Music Royale, our lessons are customized to help achieve personal musical goals. We believe that anyone with a passion for music should have an opportunity to play, including students with physical disabilities or special needs. Every student is unique and your lessons should be too. We are located in Powell, close to Dublin, Worthington, Lewis Center and Delaware Ohio.

If you have had lessons in the past or have tried online videos and you still are not reaching your musical goals, we have a teacher for you. All of our instructors are professional musicians with experience as performers, in the studio and in the lesson room. We offer many performance opportunities for students, including recitals, open mic nights and our Rock School program. Music Royale understands that life happens outside of music, which is why lessons are scheduled from month to month. Our rates are very competitive and there are no long term contracts to sign, so, if something comes up, you are not obligated to continue. We will always welcome back any student who wants to get started again. Since opening in 2002, we at Music Royale have taught thousands of musicians. Many of our former students have gone on to music school, perform in bands, work in recording studios and become professional musicians themselves.

Music Royale is an independent music store owned and operated by local, professional musicians. We are located just three and a half miles north of I-270 inside the Recreations Outlet (big red barn) shopping center just west of the Sawmill Parkway and Powell Road intersection in Powell, Ohio. We are just a few minutes from Columbus, Worthington, Dublin and Delaware and we have plenty of parking. Please check out the bios and videos of our guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin and banjo instructors below.

Our lessons are customized to each student and we do our best to fit each student with the appropriate teacher. We believe this approach best serves our students and creates a fun and relaxed learning environment. Please contact us for teacher recommendations and available lesson times!


Abbey Bechtol

Instruments Taught: Piano, Bass, Woodwinds, Clarinet, Alto saxophone

Ben Turner

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Piano, Drums

Ben’s lessons are about having fun, sharing knowledge, & creativity.

Dean Inboden

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Banjo

Deanna Sweeney

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Ukelele, Voice

Dylan Cole

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Ukelele

Greg Sharp

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Ukelele, Banjo

Jack Walbridge

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Ukelele, Bass, Double bass

Jackson Neesley

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Piano

Jesse McNamara

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Ukelele, Bass

Maxwell Sebastian

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Piano, Bass

Paul Baker

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Piano, Ukelele, Bass, Double bass, Strings

Phil Smith

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Piano, Ukelele, Bass

Race Lerma

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Piano, Ukelele, Bass, Strings, Violin, Banjo

Ron Brzoska

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Ukelele

Ryan Craycroft

Instruments Taught: Guitar

Sara McCluskey

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Ukelele, Bass

Scott Gorsuch

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Piano, Drums, Ukelele, Bass, Sound engineering

Thane Leshner

Instruments Taught: Guitar, Piano, Ukelele, Bass, Voice