We offer a full range of repairs and maintenance.

When something goes wrong with your gear, Music Royale can help. We work with some of the area’s best guitar repair luthiers and amplifier repair technicians to provide top quality repairs at competitive prices. Our repair technicians can service a wide variety of instruments, amplifiers and effects. Our work is guaranteed and usually completed in under 14 days. Additionally, we are the authorized warranty center for most brands we sell.

Music Royale offers a full range of repairs and maintenance on both acoustic and electric guitars and basses. Everything from string changes, neck adjustments, pick up installations, nut and saddle replacements and set ups are available. Please call or stop in for an estimate.

Music Royale is also an authorized drop off location for Pulse Electronics. The highly trained technicians at Pulse offer service for amplifiers, effects, speakers and mixers and are warranty repair providers for most brands. Comprehensive work can also be done on non warranty items at competitive rates. All electronics work is guaranteed for 90 days.

Music Royale’s in house guitar luthier, Scott Gorsuch A.K.A. The Guitar Wizard, is a nationally recognized guitar luthier and guitar player. Founder of Gorsuch Guitars and creator of the magnetic double-neck guitar, Scott truly knows the in’s and out’s of what makes a guitar play at its best. Featured in in Premier Guitar Magazine’s July 2021 issue, Aaron Lee Tasjan’s Rig Rundown highlights Scott’s magnetic double-neck 12-string electric guitar that Scott built specifically for Aaron. From setups and play adjustments, to hot-rodding and restoration work, you can trust Scott to do the job right for you. Read the rundown here.

Scott Gorsuch

Photo of Sean Lennon holding Scott Gorsuch’s magnetic double-neck guitar.

Another bird flew in for some work. A fresh setup and a level crown took this Epiphone Firebird from nice to amazing! Feels great, sounds great, and plays like butter.

All the vintage vibes are with this vintage Hagstrom. It came in for a rewire and a setup– gotta love cool guitars.

This drool worthy Gibson Bicentennial Firebird flew in for a level/crown and a little TLC. Such an amazing guitar…great playing, great sounding, and great looking.

Whoa! Always love having one of these Ibanez come through. Some minor tweaks and this is ready shred.

A very sweet Fender Thin Line Tele is just off the bench with a fresh setup. Love the natural finish and bigsby on this one.

This week in repairs was double cutaway week. Some very cool guitars in for setups, level and crowns, pickup install.

Just off the bench with a fresh setup is this beautiful Gibson Les Paul. This top definitely gives a nod to one of the most famous Les Paul, Greenie.

OMG, what a gorgeous flame top on this Gibson Les Paul that was in for a setup. Killer Guitar!

Just off the bench with a fresh setup is this sweet Fender strat. Love the custom paint job on this, so cool!

Before and after pics of this hot rodded Tele, the bigsby was added for some extra coolness. Side note, this guitar was signed by members of QOTSA, how cool is that?

What a cool week for repairs…a very loved 1960’s Fender Deluxe, a sweet Rickenbacker bass, a Fender strat, and very menacing looking BC Rich Draco Ghost all in for some love.

A very sweet Reverend Sentinel bass was just in for a setup and new set of strings. What a tone monster, always impressed by Reverend guitars and basses.

What a stunning top on this Schecter bass. A fresh setup and this one is ready to hit the stage again.

This super nice vintage Yamaha was in a check over and a restring. What a tone monster.

Just off the bench is this Gretsch– in for a brand new nut, pots, and switch. A fresh set of strings and this is ready to make some noise!

This Squier is off the bench and completely hot rodded. New wiring, CTS pots, Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups, intonated saddles, bone nut, and a fresh setup. This has all of the feel and tone that you could ever want.

Just wrapped up a headstock/neck crack repair on the Epiphone Les Paul. It’s ready to be rocked again.

Just off the bench with a fresh setup is this gorgeous Epiphone Les Paul Classic. Whoa!

This Gibson G-45 studio is just off the bench for a setup and a level/crown. This one is s ready for a million more gigs.

Just wrapped up this really rad vintage Harmony. A level/crown of the frets and check of the electronics…this one is ready to make some noise again.

Just off the bench with a fresh setup is the rockin Fender Strat. Plays like a dream!

Just off the bench, a really sweet Fender custom Tele was in for a level and crown of the frets. Problematic buzzing is now a thing of the past.

Another Gibson Les Paul in the bench. The customer decided that they wanted to remove the robot tuners for a set of locking Grovers. A fresh set of strings and this one is all set and ready to rock.

Just wrapped up a setup on the Gibson Les Paul. This has all the ingredients for a rock n roll machine, plays like butter and sounds monstrous.

Just off the bench, This BC Rich Warlock in the infamous red acrylic. A new set of Grover tuners, a new set of Seymour Duncan Invader pickups, a fret level/crown and a set up turns this monster into a beast! It sounds amazing and it’s so much fun to play.

Just off the bench today with a fresh setup is this stunning Taylor Guitars solid body. It plays like a dream and look at that top…

Just off the bench, this beautiful Gibson Les Paul was in for a pickup swap. Two new Seymour Duncan pearly gates pickups has taken this guitar from cool to amazing! Also worth noting, this is probably one of my favorite plain top Les Pauls.

Just off the bench today, a spectacular Rickenbacker bass that was in for a pickup swap. The bridge pickup completely gave out, so the customer wanted these Seymour Duncan replacement pickups installed. Tone for days and this bass has some serious mojo!!!

This Fender Squier Strat was on the bench to take it from cool to extraordinary! Influenced by one of Mick Mars strats, this customer wanted Seymour Duncan pearly gates pickups in the neck and bridge and a vintage style single coil in the middle. This has no ordinary wiring going on…master volume and tone, plus a dedicated volume for middle pickup. To top it off, we coil tapped the bridge. The tones are limitless! Just to make this more special, a nice tortoise shell pickguard was modded and added to swap out the previous all black guard.

A late 70’s Univox Les Paul Jr was in for a setup and a pickup swap. We installed a Seymour Duncan custom shop humbucker under a dog-ear. The pickup was wound to the specifications of the Seymour Duncan ‘59 humbucker.

On the bench today a 2019 Gibson SG standard CME exclusive in for a setup and a tuner replacement. Replaced the Gibson plastic button tuners with these Kluson tuners, no drilling required, direct replacement. The customer wanted the guitar set up for D standard with 11’s. Plays and feels like a dream.

This Epiphone Dot was on the bench to have a Bigsby trem and tension bar installed. We also added a roller bridge to make things work as smooth as possible. This is ready for some rock & roll.

This super clean 1941 Kalamazoo came in for some replacement tuners and a setup. These Golden Age tuners from Stew Mac are a direct replacement for pre-war Kluson’s. We have used these tuners for multiple restorations and always have been elated with the outcome.

This Washburn guitar was on the bench to have a Fishman Matrix Infinity installed and a setup. Sounds amazing and plays like a dream.

Just off the bench, this beautiful custom Tele was in for a complete wire and set up. Simply stunning….

An Epiphone Les Paul on the bench to swap out the stock Epiphone pickups for a pair of Seymour Duncan 59 pickups.

A very nice Custom Shop Fender Strat that needed a setup and a fret polishing.

A nice vintage Gibson 175 in for a complete re-fret.

An unbelievable Gibson Firebird in for a fret level and crown with a setup.

An unbelievable Gibson Firebird in for a fret level and crown with a setup.

A fantastic Gibson Les Paul Jr. in for a new bone nut and new bridge.

A vintage Music Man bass in for a new switch and jack.

A Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup install on this Seagull 12 string.