When a child joins the school band or orchestra it is often the family’s first experience with a musical instrument. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly where to begin the process of selecting and acquiring an appropriate instrument for your child. Here at Music Royale, our goal is to make the band rental experience as simple and stress-free as possible. We offer affordable rental and purchase options and will clearly explain the pros and cons of each. We have online video tutorials for the care and assembly of many instruments and our experienced staff is always there to help you on your musical journey.

We are now partnering with Sweetwater to provide your child with the highest quality instruments on the market! 

Instruments available for rent: Violin (all sizes), Viola (all sizes), Cello (all sizes), Clarinet (Composite and Wood), Bass Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Oboe, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Baritone Horn, and Percussion Kits.

With the choice of in-store pickup or delivery to your front door, renting has never been easier.

Find out more about how the Sweetwater instrument rental program makes renting easy for our students in the Columbus, Franklin, Delaware, Greater Columbus and Central Ohio areas.

Rent an instrument today! If your school is not listed, select Music Royale District under the School District options.

For help assembling your instrument, check out our tutorials below!