Our Families


“"Learning guitar ROCKS!"”


“Ms. Kelly is a great teacher. She makes the music learning fun and exciting, and her passion for music is so inspiring and contagious!”


“"Rock n roll!!"”


“"I love rock and roll.. and Music Royale!"”


“Music Royale feels like home. If I had to go away I would get homesick. Everyone here is so nice.”


“It's fun! Time goes fast when I'm here!”


“It's really fun and I like my teacher! ”


“I'm always glad to come here. The teachers are happy to teach you. If you make a mistake they help you get back up.”


“I look forward to playing with Mr. Luke every week. The recitals are awesome!”


“Kennedy's lessons not only train her singing voice, but the musical education really helps her in her middle school choir class.”


“Mr. Luke is very good at teaching me. He gets me through step by step not just here's a piece go do it. I love the recitals.”


“I've have so many fun times at Music Royale wether it was at recitals or Rock School, they remain happy memories they helped me come out of my comfort zone and experience the true joy of performing music. Thank you for letting me be apart of your family. Dream on and Rock on! ✨🎸”


“Dr. Clark is an amazingly talented musician and teacher. So lucky to have the opportunity to learn from him!”


“Music Royale, simply the best! I have played for most of my life, Scott and I have been working together for over 5 years. I feel so lucky to have met him and work together. He is great and so is the whole staff. They really care.”


“I've enjoying finding myself through music with the help of Scott”

Isaac and Luc

“My boys love working with Ms. Kelly since she is always so upbeat, complimenting, and encouraging!”


“I love to learn new notes”


“I love to learn new chords!”

Lauren and Pam

“Mom's quote: I love the recitals because it's such a great confidence builder and an opportunity for us to see what Lauren's working on.”


“My teacher is awesome!”


“Deciding to take lessons here was one of the best decisions of my life - seriously!”


“The more I play the more joy fills me. Everyone here is nice, I feel welcomed.”


“Playing the drums is a fun way to to just let loose and have fun. It's great to be creative and truly express yourself!”

Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 8pm

Friday: 12pm - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

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